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IMG_4303There has never been a better best friend than a sister. Despite all your differences, there will never be anyone who will support you better in all your failures and successes, make sure you’re always on your best behavior, and of course, share favorite books with you just like she can. A sister is someone you can share everything with, and books are just the same. That’s where we begin. Many times we’ve found that when finishing a book there is no one to revel in the glorious end to a novel, who will understand just how much you absolutely loved it. So we are here to share the experience with you!

   I’m Megan, the older sister. I’m much more introverted than my younger sister but that doesn’t keep me from having a good time! I adore classic novels- my top two are The Picture of Dorian Gray and A Tale of Two Cities. Novels of the 17th and 18th centuries are so compelling for their lasting influence on the sands of time. The ability to pick up a book from centuries ago and be transported to another place and time, of different mannerisms and social engagements is for me, one of the best things about reading the classics. Aside from reading I obsessively tend my garden, volunteer at an animal haven for rescued factory farm animals, and enjoy the company of my kitty, Bilbo (yes, like the Hobbit). I grew up in Tennessee but now live in Asheville, North Carolina, which is a quirky little city in the Appalachian mountains. I go to school here for holistic herbal medicine and plan to become a birthing doula in the next few years. I tend to be a scanner personality type, meaning I am interested in new hobbies constantly, which in many ways I find has benefited my growth in a more well rounded way.

   My name is Emily; I’m the little sister. I mostly read young adult novels, but I love to branch out and read the occasional fiction or classic novel. A majority of the time, you can find me with my nose buried deep within the pages of a good book or in front of my treasured bookshelf, reorganizing it for the millionth time. I thrive off of the energy of my peers, but there’s something special about taking a break from reality and getting lost in another world. If you asked me what my favorite novel is, The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas would be the first to come to mind, but An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir is just as good. They both revolve around the idea of oppression, displaying the issue in very individual ways. I have so much appreciation for authors who write compelling novels that also encompass such important messages. While reading takes up a big chunk of my time, I enjoy the exploring the great outdoors and playing guitar, piano, and ukulele.

Collectively we share incredibly varied interests in our choices in reading, in part due to our five year age gap, which means the blog will always have a little something for everyone! Although many times we share in the experience of reading a book together. Despite being separated by distance we share the same heart, and our love of books is one of the many things that helps to keep us close. You can follow along on our GoodReads account to see what we are reading, and keep up with our book reviews here! Exciting things coming up!

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